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The Regional Council, that is the elected Legislative Assembly of Piemonte, has provided this website as a source of information, a sort of ready reference containing an overview of Piemonte’s history and its economy and culture, as well as details of public services and the main tourist attractions in the region.

You can discover the highlights of Piemonte and its capital Turin, the united Italy’s first national capital, then explore their rich longlasting cultural, architectural, and environmental heritage.

Strategically located between Central Europe and the Mediterranean, in the heart of one of Europe’s most developed areas, Piemonte plays a key role in the Italian economy, combining industrial tradition with a strong drive for innovation, a propensity for research with quality of life, and its artistic heritage with some of the world’s finest food and wine. Confirmation of this fascinating region’s strongly competitive assets comes from the hundreds of foreign companies who have decided to invest here. 

The Regional Council of Piemonte hopes that this website will prompt you to explore the region and provide further insight for those who already know it.  

Enjoy your visit.

Mauro Laus
President, Regional Council of Piemonte


Aerospace & Defence meetings, Torino 29-30 November 2017

In Torino, the only international business convention for the aerospace and defense industry organized in Italy
Piemonte’s international network

Discover Piemonte’s liaison offices to get updated information on the region, its business opportunities and get support for industrial, commercial and technological cooperation.
Torino Film Festival, 24 Nov-2 Dec 2017

In the city where the national cinema industry was born, the annual key event and second largest film festival in Italy attracts big international names in the cinema panorama.
Visit Po river

Visitporiver is a web site dedicated to tourism along the beautiful italian river. A special section is devoted to discover the Po river in Piemonte.

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